Intellectual Property Law – Brand Protection

RoundTable Legal has experience helping clients understand the complex world of intellectual property. RoundTable Legal can help you register, protect, license, and enforce your personal or business intellectual property rights.

Specifically, we handle copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and issues relating to domain names. As a firm we help you file and prosecute applications to register copyrights, trademarks, and domain names with the appropriate government entities (USPTO for trademarks, US Copyright Office for copyrights, and ICANN for domain names), answer registration appeals or office actions, craft licensing agreements and defend or bring forth infringement lawsuits.

When a trade secret is involved, our objective is to maintain the secrecy of our client’s proprietary information. We counsel our clients on the strategic safeguards, such as procedures, protocols and written agreements they can put in place to to secure against disclosure of their trade secret.  When disclosure has occurred, we zealously represent our client via aggressive litigation and work tirelessly to minimize further harm.

Intellectual Property litigation comes in many forms. Whether it be suing over the improper or unauthorized use a client’s mark, artistic work, or trade secret; or defending a client against claims of infringement, RoundTable Legal will battle to protect and defend you and your rights.

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