Legal Strategy Session

What is a Legal Strategy Session?

With many attorneys, you schedule a 15-30 minute consultation before any exchange of services begins. During that phone call or visit, the client divulges every detail to the potential attorney only to be…..

  • given minimal and vague legal advice;
  • have almost none of their questions answered; and
  • be given a fee with promises of answering your questions once you officially become a client.

RoundTable Legal doesn’t feel this is the most effective way to begin an attorney-client relationship. We consider our initial consultation to be a “Legal Strategy Session”. We like to schedule an initial Legal Strategy Session with each potential client. That session is a full 60 minutes, allows you to give us the details of your case and receive a full evaluation from our attorney to help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

This legal strategy session will allow you to make the most informed decision in how you would like to move forward with your case and how RoundTable Legal can best assist you because you get REAL legal advice specific to your case and situation. No gimmicks, no confusion.

We do provide a deeply discounted flat rate for the Legal Strategy Session so that you have the opportunity to discuss your legal matter and speak with a trained and experienced lawyer, while still respecting our time and the value of our legal services. If you retain us, a detailed fee agreement will specify exactly how much you will pay as a flat fee or hourly rate, as well as what costs/expenses (filing fees, etc) of your case you will be expected to pay. 

  • Connect with us and we can schedule your $200 legal strategy session today! 

(reduced rates may be provided on a per case basis)

Why we don’t give free consultations.

Some lawyers advertise free consultations to get you in the door. Rather than relying on the cliché about getting what you pay for, allow us to explain why we do not. Simply put, we could fill all day every day answering “just one simple question” for the many people who call seeking free advice. We might be happy to do that in principle, but if we did, we would have no time to help the people that have actually hired us to assist them with their legal matter.  So here are a few of the reasons why we do not give free consultations:

  • We value your time.  We also value our time.  Advertised “free consultations” are usually limited to a half hour and sometimes are with a paralegal, not an attorney.  We cannot find out all of your specific information in just a half hour, and certainly cannot answer all of your questions. When you come in for your Legal Strategy Session, we spend at least an hour with you, maybe more.  Usually, a “free consultation” is best case worth exactly what you paid for it, and worst case a waste of your time.
  • We strive to provide quality advice during consultations, and our capacity to provide such sessions are limited to the number of working hours of the attorney.  If we provide free consultations to everyone who calls, we would not have any time left for any actual cases.
  • Free consultations are limited in time, usually from 15 to 30 minutes. No attorney can give quality legal advice without gathering many facts from the client. Fact gathering takes time.
  • 15 to 30 minute free consultations do not afford the attorney time to do all that is a part of your Legal Strategy Session: (1) gather facts about your case; (2) understand and listen to your concerns and goals about your case; (3) give you advice about your rights and risks based on the facts of your case; (4) provide value through feedback and advise you of what steps need to be taken to attempt to accomplish your legal objectives.

RoundTable Legal Charges a one-time flat fee of $200 for your Legal Strategy Session.

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