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Below are a few of the flat fees commonly offered for intellectual property projects. While these are the most popular options, they are by no means the only ones offered, and so don’t hesitate to get in touch about flat fees for trademark, copyright, or other IP projects.

The flat fee for trademark clearance starts at $500.* We discuss with you the pros and cons of your potential mark. We search for other trademarks in the U.S. that may conflict or cause confusion with your mark. We then share the results of the search and make recommendations on whether you should use your mark or how you should change it to better protect it. Clearing your trademark for use is an important step to take before you begin using it, as you otherwise run the risk of infringing on an existing mark. Read more about the benefits of trademark clearance here. 

The flat fee for trademark registration with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office starts at $900.* First we suggest conducting a Trademark Clearance Search. We then meet with you to discuss information required for and submit an application seeking to register your trademark. We further follow your trademark through the entire process and respond to any non-substantive office actions on your behalf. Read more about the benefits of trademark registration here. 

We offer an affordable Copyright Application flat fee starting at $350* to register our clients’ copyrights with the United States Copyright Office. To be eligible for the key benefits of copyright registration, you must register your copyright before another party uses your copyrighted work without your consent. Otherwise your eligibility for those benefits may be forever lost.

A federally registered copyright provides numerous advantages to the copyright owner. The advantages include being eligible, within a court’s discretion, for statutory damages ($750- $150,000) and for being reimbursed for your attorney fees to enforce your copyright against a party infringing your copyright. It is important to know that these benefits may be unavailable if your work is infringed before you register your copyright.

The flat fee for preparing an IP licensing agreement starts at $1000.* We prepare an agreement that allows you to license a trademark, copyright, patent, or other IP to others in a way that makes sense for your business. We help you address important terms like exclusivity, sub-licensing, royalties, risk allocation, remedies, confidentiality, and others—the goal always being to protect your business and its valuable IP rights while helping you profit from them.

*The fee you’re quoted may be higher depending on the complexity of the project. The flat fee doesn’t include government filing fees, which must be paid by the client.

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