Agent and Management Contracts

In order to focus on their craft, creative individuals often hire agents and managers to handle their business affairs. Agents help artists find employment and managers handle their finances, administrative tasks, career decisions, and professional relationships.

For such services, contracts detail the nature and scope of the relationship between the artist and agent/manager are critical. A favorable agreement can help an artist achieve success; a poor agreement can leave the artist worse off than before.

Common talent and management issues:

  • How much does the agent or manager get paid? For where does the compensation come?
  • How does one get out of a talent agency or management contract?
  • When does the contract end?
  • Is there performance criteria for the agent or manager?
  • Does the artist have any oversight of agent or managers?

How We can help:

  • Draft or negotiate a fair and mutually beneficial contract between agency/manager and talent
  • Help enforce a contract
  • Defend you against claims that you breached a contract
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