Tick tock…When is the right time to trademark?

When is the right time to trademark?

We hear it time and time again. Many businesses and creative professionals don’t think they are ready to protect their trademark. They think that holding off on talking to an attorney and registering  for trademarks will save them time and money. When you’ve invested your valuable time and a lot of money into building a brand you should protect that brand.

Imagine this… you have managed to build a successful brand. Everything is going according to plan. You’re making sales and you’re growing a stellar and loyal customer base. Then, you stumble across a competitor with the exact same (or confusingly similar) branding that you’ve been using… or…  you receive a letter from a lawyer or another business owner demanding that you cease use of your trademarks and brand. The Court can order you to change your business name, logo, or slogan… and possibly even pay damages to the other business using the same or similar mark.

Think of the time and money invested on networking, marketing materials, products, and all the time and effort you’ve put into building your customer base.  Would being forced to rebrand your entire business cost your business time, money, and result in confused customers?

When businesses don’t consider trademarks from the start they can end up spending even more time and money down the line.

Still think your business isn’t ready for a trademark?

Here’s our #RoundTableLegal brand strategy. Think about your trademark portfolio from the very beginning. That’s right, the best time to discuss your trademarks is before you even launch your product or service. If you have already launched. Don’t worry. The second best time to protect your brand is Now.

Is it time to get serious about protecting your trademarks?

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