RoundTable Legal Tip: Creating and registering your LLC/Biz with the state does not protect your brand

#RoundTableLegal Tip: When you register your LLC/Business with the state, you are protecting yourself as an individual, but you are not protecting your brand, which could lead to consequences for your business down the line. We can help.

Remember your Brand Portfolio includes not only the name of your business, but also your logo, your slogan, and other information that consumers identify with your business.

Brand protection is absolutely necessary as you build your business. If you are investing money in marketing, advertising, networking, signage, etc. you want to consider trademarking your business name and other aspects of your brand portfolio. Contact us to discuss how. Through this protection you have exclusive rights to use the name/brand. If not protected you could face a federal lawsuit and be forced to re-brand in the event another business makes a claim of being confusingly similar or has federal rights. 

Contact us to discuss the plan to protect your brand. The time is now. Contact us at #CreativeCounsel #Protectyourbrand #BizLaw #TrademarkLawyer

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