5 Things to do protect your small business during the pandemic

Here is a checklist of items to look over. Contact us today to help with your peace of mind and solutions to your needs today.

  1. Check your policies. Check your insurance policies for business interruption, keep person, and/or short term disability insurance. IF you get sick and/or business has issues – you may be covered. Don’t have these policies. Time to get covered. If you have concerns about your policy language, contact us for help.
  2. Check your contracts. Check all your contracts! Identify the language for cancelation, reschedule, sick, substitute, and importantly Force Majeure provisions. These may apply if you or the other party are unable to render services or products. Be sure to stay on top of this – circumstances change and the terms may be enforceable later on even if they are not currently. Government action may create new remedies in your contract. If you have questions about language or need to enforce a provision contact us for help. Also, contact us if creating new contracts so that we can help ensure you are protected in the future. 

  3. Make a checklist. Make a checklist of things you can do during any “downtime”. Think outside the box to find new ways to help customers and build products. If your business is slowing – use it to market and strategize and potentially build new ideas. Create Content. Make network connections. Learn to work in this new virtual environment.

  4. Savings and assistance. Tap into existing savings if you need to. This is what you’ve been saving for. A back up plan is only a plan until it is needed. Then it becomes reality. We may be facing a reality in business decline for small business cash flow. Look into government assistance programs to help your business. Things like the PPP through the CARES act can help so many small businesses.    Please contact us if you have questions about these programs and if you qualify. These programs are even available for independent contractors/freelance artists! 

  5. Protect yourself and your Team. Remember to take care of yourself and your team during this important time. There are exhaustive lists of how to tmentally and physically protect yourself out there. Self and team member care is of the utmost importance. Find ways to stay active even if away from others. Look for ways that you and your team can give to the community during this time. 

I know things might be scary and confusing right now, but please take a deep breath and contact us with any concerns you might have. We can set up virtual meetings by video or phone Andy time day or night to best meet your concerns and needs. We are here for you.

Contact us at Connect@RoundTableLegal.com to set up an appointment today. #CreativeCounsel 

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