Google is Not a Legal Strategy

Using Google is not an effective legal strategy.

When you are first starting out or if you need quick assistance, it’s tempting to DIY as much as you can because your business isn’t really. making much money. So you use Google to get by. Maybe you copy/paste bits and pieces of contracts or forms you’ve found online. Maybe you use that “cheap popular” site that helps you start a company with a click of a button… It all seems just fine until you run into legal trouble that your Frankenstein contract can’t fix or you realize your “cookie cutter” form company that you set up doesn’t really protect you. 

At the very least, it is worth having conversation with a lawyer to make sure you’re starting your business on solid legal ground. Paying a lawyer to fix a problem costs more than hiring a lawyer to help you do it right in the first place. Let’s Chat. I’d love to learn more about your business and how I can help. 

Contact us to discuss your business, your ideas and legal strategy. The time is now. Contact us at #CreativeCounsel 

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