5 Contracts Every Photographer Needs

Listed below are five of the most important types of many types of contracts every photographer/photography business needs to know about and some of the many considerations for each one: 

  1. Booking Fee Contract.If you require a retainer, or a booking fee, for your services, you should have a contract for it. Having a retainer and a corresponding contract will protect the clients who want to be sure to secure your services and it can ensure you will be paid, even in the event of a cancellation.
  2. General Contract.A good contract for your services will cover all of your bases. How soon after the event will you deliver the photos to your client? When must the client pay you, in full? What if your equipment malfunctions and you lose all of your phots? You will want to nail down all of the details in a contract.
  3. Wedding Photography Agreement.Wedding photography is no easy feat. Having a contract in place can help. How soon in advance will you need to know the schedule? Will the clients be obtaining the proper permits to have your services at the event or will you need to do that? What if the wedding runs over the time allotted? Set out yours and your clients’ expectations beforehand for a smooth day for everyone.
  4. Second Shooter Contract.If you plan to bring on a second shooter for an event or for a set period of time, a contract can do a great deal to protect you and your business. Will the second shooter own the images they take or do you? Is the second shooter going to be an independent contractor or an employee? The contract should cover everything expected from both parties.
  5. Print Release/licensing agreement.Having a print release or licensing agreement in place can ensure that you keep the copyright over your work and still allow your client to print the photos they want.

Having the right contracts (these and others) in place will protect, not only your business, but also your relationship with your clients.

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