3 Common Myths about Copyright

 On Copyright Day I thought I would share 3 quick myths about copyrights… 

Myth 1: Copyright only protects if someone copies your work. FALSE. You have a bundle of rights associated with your copyright including the right to copy, the right to create derivative works, the right to publicly display and perform your work. You can license out any or all of these rights. Contact us for details on how.

Myth 2: You don’t have to register your copyright. FALSE. Although you have a copyright in your work automatically upon expressing your creation on a tangible medium… pen to paper, paint to canvas, etc. You must register your work with the copyright office in order to legally enforce those rights in court. Contact us about how to register your work or how you can protect your work even if it isn’t registered.

Myth 3:  If I only copy 10% then it is not infringement. FALSE. There is no magic figure or percentage that can be applied as each case must be viewed on its own merit. In cases that have come to trial what is clear is that it is the perceived importance of the copied content rather than simply the quantity that counts.

Bonus Myth: It’s ok to copy if I don’t make any money off of it. FALSE. Except in specific circumstances permitted under Fair Use rules, any copying or publication without the consent of the copyright owner is an infringement, and you could face legal action.

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